Our Retainer Agreement & Engagement Letter

For your protection and ours, we ask that you formally engage our services and enter into an agreement. The terms and conditions of that agreement are spelled out in simple, easy to read, text. Further, on page two of our agreement, you will find a menu with a sample of additional fees that could be charged by the Building Departments and/or third party professionals whose services might be required by the Building Department. These charges represent hypothetical costs that could be incurred after the permit closure process begins. They are shown only as examples of other costs.

Other Important Forms

Miami-Dade County Permit Application

This form must be signed by the property owner and notarized for each application that is submitted to the building department.

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Miami-Dade County Hold Harmless - Change of Contractor

Miami-Dade County requires this form whenever the original contractor is no longer available 

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Our Retainer Agreement

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