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Permitting Forms

Following are links to many of the forms and data bases most commonly used in the process of closing the open permits, code violations, and zoning issues. Feel free to download these forms and/or visit some of the other sites listed.

Our Retainer Agreement & Engagement Letter For your protection and ours, we ask that you formally engage our services and enter into an agreement. The terms and conditions of that agreement are spelled out in simple, easy to read, text. Further, on page two of our agreement, you will find a menu with a sample of additional fees that could be charged by the Building Departments and/or third party professionals whose services might be required by the Building Department. These charges represent hypothetical costs that could be incurred after the permit closure process begins. They are shown only as examples of other costs. 

Miami-Dade County Permit Application 
This form must be signed by the property owner and notarized for each application that is submitted to the building department.

Miami-Dade County Hold Harmless - Change of Contractor Miami-Dade County requires this form whenever the original contractor is no longer available (No longer in business).

Miami-Dade Owner-Builder Affidavit When an owner is permitted to open a permit.

Miami-Dade County Inspection Route Follow the Building Inspector through his route to project when he might arrive at your property.


e-Pay fees on line - Miami-Dade County only Here, you may pay permit-related fees.

e-Pay Permit Re-inspection Fee If a given inspection is rejected a second time, this re-inspection fee is levied and must be paid prior to the next inspection.

City of Miami Permit Application and Change of Contractor forms

City of Miami Beach Permit Application & Forms Package

Village of Pinecrest Permit Application to be signed by the property owner & notarized.

Village of Palmetto Bay Building Department site for a view of most permitting forms.

City of Aventura Permit Application Package and Owner/Agent Authorization

Coral Gables Permit Application Package required to reissue an expired permit.

Fort Lauderdale Permit Application and Change of Contractor 

City of Hollywood Directory
 Information along with several permitting forms

City of Pembroke Pines Permit Application and Hold Harmless

City of Sunrise Permit Application, Change of Contractor, and Misc. Forms

Palm Beach County Permit Application - County-wide Universal Form
Links to Florida City's  along with a link to their County's web site.

Credit Card Authorization Form To pay our fee and/or Building Department Fees

Power of Attorney It may be more practical to allow us to represent you and serve as your attorney in fact. This document has been accepted by most Building Officials.

Attorneys' Real Estate Council Need a Real Estate Attorney? Have a question?

Pool Barrier Presentation a thorough look at Safety Barrier Issues & Requirements.

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